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Flevo Bike steering damper ? - paul_n - 17-Apr-2021

Hi there

Could anyone point me to a suitable damper for the steering of a Flevo Bike/Trike ?

I am loosely following the free plans on the web for a Flevo Trike and the modifications suggested by Erik Wanee [ for his trike ] however I cannot find any details of the steering damper ?

I have tried ordering a Diablo from a UK supplier however it is much smaller in the middle than the pictures show the real one to be.

Sorry being from the UK I can only read/write in English.

regards Paul

RE: Flevo Bike steering damper ? - Willeke_IGKT - 25-Apr-2021

For sale on a 'place your bid' type of site, but you can also contact the seller.

This is a regularly repeated post, so either he did not sell or he has more sets to sell.

Google translate can help you read the add.

At least I hope this is the part you are looking for, along with several like it.

RE: Flevo Bike steering damper ? - paul_n - 25-Apr-2021


Just what I am looking for.

regards Paul