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Best shop in NL for a trike? - Dazzer - 08-Jun-2018

Hi folks,

Sorry, post in English, my Dutch is very bad!

Could anyone tell me which are the best shops in NL to try a trike?

I mean, who have the most models that one can test ride?

I'm not interested in electric!

I'm looking for something reasonably sporty, although i have an open mind about which models / brands could be interesting.

I'm in Amsterdam but will travel all over NL if necassary!

Thanks! ..............D

RE: Best shop in NL for a trike? - tegenligger - 08-Jun-2018

Maia Zoeterwoude has quite a few trikes and it is not too far from Amsterdam. Any specific model you're looking for? 
Maybe just give him a call. He's a very guy, willing to help you out for sure.


They actually have a test ride event on the 17th:

RE: Best shop in NL for a trike? - Nino Coutinho - 08-Jun-2018

Remembering the trikes I saw two months ago when I was there:

Gerhard at LigfietsWinkel Amsterdam has some Ice models, maybe he still has some Catrikes too, and also has a chinese ZZMerck. You need to call him before going there (and you'll have a great day talking about recumbents!). I you need, he can order models from other brands, like Azub.

Gerrit at Ligfiets Tempelmann in Dronten has different Ice models too.

Thys at Maia in Leiden (i did not visit the Dordrecht shop) has models from HPVelotechnik, Azub and Hase. Roughly all models from these brands, if I remember correctly.

Hans at in Nijmegen has many HPVelotechnik models too, and Hase.

All four are very good guys and speak very good english. They may have more trikes than these I mentioned.

I rode a lot of trikes and my preferred was the Ice Sprint rs 20 that I rented with Gerrit in Dronten.

RE: Best shop in NL for a trike? - Lopopodium - 08-Jun-2018

Also ACE in Winterswijk (walking distance from the trainstation) has a lot of trikes, which you can try out even outside of opening hours (depending of course), as the owner lives above the store. A store with good service and very knowledgeable.

RE: Best shop in NL for a trike? - Roepers - 09-Jun-2018

Specialized in trikes is Jouta Ligfietsen in Zwijndrecht. One of the firmants, Rudy van Es was in the 80's a member of the synthband Nova which had a hit with Aurora

RE: Best shop in NL for a trike? - Dazzer - 11-Jun-2018

Thanks guys!

The Ice VTX is looking really interesting (if a little pricey)!

Anyone know if there is a shop in NL where one can demo the VTX?