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Nazca Fuego with front suspension?
Do you think that this is possible with the Fuego?

[Afbeelding: 44043433730_772e6f4664_z.jpg]

I've never seen this mod. In the past, Nazca offered the Fiero with rigid or suspended fork, and now only with rigid fork. But the Fuego was always possible only with the rigid fork (that is different from Fiero's: the Fiero has a steel fork that has clearance for some wide 406 tyres; the Fuego fork is alu and I think limits to 20x1.5).

I undestand that there would be some drawbacks, like affecting the chainline and maybe giving a not so optimum handling, by lowering the headtube angle. But I see some advantages, like:

- more space between the front tyre and the cranks, maybe allowing a shorter person like me to use a large frame (that on the Fuego has a slightly lower seat height)

- with the seat in the same position, a taller fork would allow a more laid seat angle and maybe one could remove the "day-rack" from the back of the seat and fit some kind of seat bag (like the Radical Solo) without the risk of rubbing the rear tyre.

- fit a wider front tyre;

- safety and comfort.

What you guys think? I also thought about those simple forks with headshock, but I don't know are still available for 20 inch, or if they work so well with so much weight on the front. I've been thinking recently in a suspended recumbent, because our road conditions are getting worse and worse and it's really safer and nicer, even if a bit slower, to have full suspension, specially with small wheel on the front.
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I've done this to a older model Challenge Hurricane (20"Suntour fork) and resendly to a Furai.
Biggest issue I stumbled upon was the pulling side of the chain.

Therefore I made a 3 cm thick aluminium spacer to lower the (wide, top part of the) front fork to enable the chain to travel close to the frame, above the fork.
(I placed the spacer over the steering tube and than put the fork trough the frame)

Good luck!
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